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Sleep Stealers

You got your baby to sleep through the night and later succeeded in getting her used to her own bed. By the preschooler age, she was falling asleep on her own. “That’s the end of that!” you might think. Or is it? The struggle for a good night’s sleep may be a continuing saga for […]


Sleep on It!

A 20-minute nap can get you through the midday slump and boost your concentration when you need it the most. However, naps are not created equal. Some leave you feeling refreshed; others give you a bad headache. Here’s the news on sleeping tips. Benefits of a nap. Naps can reset the system and give a […]


Sleep and Headache

When researchers surveyed 1,207 women and men, 76 percent reported they had migraine triggers. What set off their migraines? 50 percent named sleep disturbance. In a 2006 survey 79 percent of headache sufferers admitted they got hit when they overslept. But 66 percent said too little sleep was also a trigger. And Naps can be […]