Sleep and Headache

When researchers surveyed 1,207 women and men, 76 percent reported they had migraine triggers. What set off their migraines? 50 percent named sleep disturbance.

sleeping tips

In a 2006 survey 79 percent of headache sufferers admitted they got hit when they overslept. But 66 percent said too little sleep was also a trigger. And Naps can be counterproductive; although they may dull the pain of a tension headache, they lead to insomnia, which can set off a new headache the next day.

Sleeping tips: Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even on vacation. And get enough sleep – seven to eight hours each night.

In one study of 43 women with daily or near-daily migraines, those who improved their sleeping habits – including adopting a strict eight hours a night sleep schedule – got migraines 29 percent less often and found pain intensity dropped 40 percent.

Big presentation tomorrow?

Sleeping tips: Get your shut-eye solo tonight.

sleeping tips

A study has found that sharing a bed may disturb a restful night’s sleep. Scientist had eight young couples wear a wrist activity monitor to measure how often they awoke while sleeping together for 10 nights and then apart for another 10. After each 10-day session, the couples performed simple cognitive tests. Both genders woke up more frequently and performed worse on the tests after sleeping together for 10 days than they did after sleeping alone. Getting a good night’s sleep can be tough with a bedmate who rolls around or hogs the blanket. It’s only that one night of sleep you need to score big in your career.

Sleeping tips: Send him/her off to the extra bedroom, or inflate that air mattress.

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