Make Time for Sleep

Sleep is a key component to a healthy lifestyle. It is the time our body sets aside for us to heal and recover from our day before and to prepare us for the next. It is not just the hours of sleep that matter, the time of the day that we go to bed is actually more important.

sleeping tips

Sleeping tips: The earlier to bed (ideally at 9 p.m.), the more time your immune system has to repair your organs. Plus, sleep improves your memory, speeds up your metabolism and spurs your creativity (so, sleeping tips to writers and artists, get your sleep on!).

Even if you log a full eight hours of shut-eye at night, you might not be getting the deep sleep you require. That’s right – just like crunches and sex, when it comes to snagging Z’s, quality counts as much as quantity. Time in bed doesn’t necessarily translate into good, restful sleep. Think of it this way: Your body refuels with sleep; in order to wake up revved, you need premium ocatne.

Sleeping tips: Getting solid slumber can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and depression; make you more alert; and help you process information faster.

In a study, people whose sleep was reduced to six hours per night for a week did just as poorly on tests of alertness as those who got one night of no sleep at all! Only 1 to 3 percent of people are genetically wired to function on less than eight hours of sleep per night.

More sleeping tips: Being sleep deprived can also add inches to your waistline. Lack of sleep can raise your cortisol levels as well, making your appetite surge. With these hormones out of whack, your body’s food controls go haywire.

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